Our focus is to advice specialized service assistance to the various stages involving products regularization and substances, layout of products installation/storage, special team training in several areas linked to the products registration.

Bureau has more than 15 years of experience in the processes preparations and with its continuous follow-up and for this reason, intends to reduce the registration timing, applying and managing risks and optimizing "customers" investments, either for existing products and for new business, targeting strategies according to the customer expectation. Bureau is also prepared to provide technical services working closely to the Federal Brazilian Governmental hierarchy.

Our main goal is to improve the growth and the market share expansion for our customers.

Our partners
Bureau is linked with specialized partners in the various segments of marketing expansion in order to render good services and quality for our customers.
Certified Laboratories registered in ANVISA and at the Agriculture Ministry;
Support for the importation and exportation of products;
Legal assistance;
Urban Pest Control;
Engineering Companies in order to organize adequately each area in accordance with the sanitary legislation.

Bureau de Soluções Técnicas